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Offering best quality of Water Softening Plants, Mineral Water Treatment Plants & Packaged Drinking Water Plants as well as Other Similar Products!

About Us

Water Treatment resources that are required to make water much safer to drink are always in high demands. So, to meet these demands of the market, Shiv Ion Exchange is serving a qualitative range of Water Treatment plant and packaging machines. The product line for which we are working as the manufacturer consist of Mineral Water Treatment Plants, Packaged Drinking Water Plants, Bottle Filling Machines, Industrial FRP RO, Water Softening Plants, Automatic Filling Machines, etc. In order to deliver the market a range of highly-functional and precisely manufactured water plant systems, we have been working with the most suitable work approaches. Our main focus is upon ensuring that each individual gets finest quality of water which is healthy & safe to drink and resist any disease or food poisoning. Therefore, by serving the nation with a qualitative range of water treatment plants, we have attained a dignified position in the market which we seek to maintain and grow with time.